Get the trip started

Life is crazy sometimes! Often, I find myself so much caught in my daily routines that making significant decisions is simply delayed and delayed and delayed and… .  Deciding for something, especially if it affects lots of time, lots of money or your and your familie`s well-being is even harder! Adelia and I were lucky because by reaching the age of 30 we were faced with a fait accompli: in most cases (besides Canada!) the work-holiday-visa is only given to people until the age of 30 – so it was one of these “now-or-never-decisions” for us as we also want to work abroad in order to dip deeper into the different cultures and take a glance at the daily lifes of the people we meet- and of course to earn money we can spend on the trip:o)

Finally, it was a heart (and hard!)-decision, we made about 9 month before the start of the trip because we felt that we would surely miss this experience for the rest of our lifes. Also the support and confidence of our partners and families gave us much power to get the organisation started!

First of all, we arranged our current jobs: unfortunatley Adelia had to quit after 4 years wheras I am lucky to stay in an inactive work-relationship for this year. So from the beginning of our trip we depend on last year´s savings  plus the money we will earn abroad. Experienced travellers recommend  a monthly budget of approx. 1000 € depending on the country we visit, flight cost not included- let’s see how long we survive!

Then it was all about reducing fix and “convenience cost” to a minimum in order to save as much money as possible: Prepaid instead of cellphone contract, no new cloths or cosmetic products, running instead of fitness contract, cooking instad of dining out, no “To go”-coffees on a monday morning, canceling the rental contract for the flats; this feels sooo good for me by the way: to clean from all this sometimes unnecessary and boredom-led stuff and concentrate on the thoughts that really change and matter. I started reading travel blogs and also draw my attention to authors from the countries we want to visit- this made me feel closer to our journey already when the rain was pouring here in Northern Germany .

Ah, so we already hit the most important topic: Where actually will we go? Which countires to choose from our 194 in this world? And do we already want to decide everything before the trip? – The most influencing condition for us besides the weather was the acceptance of women in a country- or the question: to what extend are we willing to adapt to a condition where we are forced to tolerate a suppressed role and not even speak the language? We decided not to travel to India for example because of this question. In Indonesia, we will concentrate on the parts with mostly hinduism-influenced roots… it is sad but for me, religion sometimes sets more borders instead of uniting peole but hopefully after our experiences in the different cultures we will feel more confident to also explore the countires we didn´t involve now!

To see our destinations for the first half year, see the map above.The second half will be organized more spontaneously- we will go to Latinamerica and as we both speak spanish and have experiences from México we will travel more “freestyle”. And in the end we will go to the South of Africa- my biggest dream when it comes to experience the thrill of becoming one with nature.

In our next Blog, we will write about our luggage and our job plans abroad.

Thanks for reading*