About us

The first time we travelled together was in our late-teens and it was one of the first trips we did without our parents. We flew to Turky and experienced 7 crazy days with lots of “firsts” and “never agains” .

Today, Adelia Groo is a technical medical assistent in Bremen and has already been to Alaska, Hawaii, the USA, Spain, Austria and Mexico- within the last year! She is pretty much the travel freak among our friends and always dreams about new destinations.

Me, Melanie Lange, I am a half-hearted econimcs graduate with a huge passion for languages and different cultures in combination with a sense for efficient and well organized projects. That is also why I immediately agreed on this challenging project “Weltreise”, when Adelia reminded me of our big dream during schooltime to travel the world and see places we didn´t even think about so far.

With the last chance to combine travelling with working, we fastly decided to start the trip in the age of 30 when it is still possible to apply for the Work-Holiday-visa in NewZealand and Japan, two of the countries we either way want to visit.

And here we are now, leaving our jobs and our boyfriends for one year in order to experiece the unknown wide world and in this blog, we will constantly keep the information flow going :o)

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