Tanzania- Into the wild (part II)

So far so good. Until now we followed pretty much the touristy route and especially in Arusha, we experienced the other side of the coin: in the streets people were trying to scam us everywhere: offering “help”, explaining the way when not necessary and expecting us to pay for this stupidities or showing us the “cheapest shop” still forcing us to pay way to much. Just bad luck maybe whereas Moshi rewarded our visit with a laid-back atmosphere, good food (and good coffee!), the Materuni-waterfall and a wicked hostel where we relaxed after so much touring around. The “we-travel-hostel” was the only real hostel we stayed in Tanzania, offering really good food and the perfect atmosphere to easily get in touch with other travellers, in our case lots of South Koreans. Wow, and then we went out to party for the first time and I couldn´t belive what I saw… wrapped until the hair ends during the day, the girls really went wild at night doing insane moves with their buts… I guess this is a thing you should see with your own eyes to comprehend what I mean :o) it´s really hot to watch and we had a funny night joining the high spirit.

Next destination Mwanza! Not the most thrilling one, we made a track along the Victoria lake to discover the “rock city” because we heard of houses build in rocks- which we couldn´t find though. We just saw the Bismark rock before we continued to Kigoma, definitly my  hottest recommendation! The bus ride was very dusty and long again but it was so worth it because people where great as there was not too much tourism and some guys where astonished and honored that we came. Staying at Leader´s Lodge, the owner took lots of time for us and even organized a beautiful boat tour at lake Tanganyika where we even swam at Jacob´s beach in the clean water and a tour to Gombe National Park- Jackpot, we saw plenty of chimps in their original surounding and were tracking through the forests with them… a  truly unique experience!

Another experience was to take the train from Kigoma back to Daressalam. I knew that it will take long- but I had NO idea how long! Leaving with a delay of 2 hours, I was not sceptical and happy even though our 1-class-train-section was dirty and uncomfortable from the beginning. We arrived after 43 hours. enough time in which we made the decision to spend the last days at Zanzibar.  Beautiful Zanzibar. We directly went to the east of the Island, to Paje, because the nicest beaches can be found here. We got the chillout we hoped for and watched all the kitesurfers on the snow-white beaches in the turquoise water every day, defining the next challenge- learning a new sport or a new instrument.


Here, I also became a little nervous because my way home was coming closer and closer. I just couldn´t imagine coming back after one year, back to the routine, back to one city back to my old me. It´s not that I don´t like Germany I figuered out- I just prefer the version of myself being in an steadily changing environment speaking another language and meeting people from different backgrounds.

When I look back at Tanzania I am happy that I chose this country to travel because we experienced so many different places from beaches to mountains, seregetis, lakes, urban cities. Also the culture is a colorful melting pot influenced by the big religions Inslam and Christianity and local believs and I was very surprised by the peace the people evolved living closly together. Our stay felt way longer that 5 weeks and it was nice to find something different again after traveling for so much time already- because the more you see from the world, the bigger it appears. It was an awesome journey fulfilling me with a very positive livestyle because nobody was ever rude or violent towards me (at least without me provocating it:o) ) on the whole journey what encourages my way of thinking that if you give good energy, you´ll get it back.

Now it´s time too-say-goooodbye. I´ll start working again in my old department dedicating myself on my job again and on my friends and Family but who knows? Maybe there will be a second round for us again.

Thank you for following our trip, please use my positive energy and all the beautiful experiences as a start. A start for your own journey because the most important step is- to start!