Sydney- or should I better call it Birdney?

Spending 3 and a half months in Asia tought me a lot. I got used to deal with very slow transportation, very crowdy and dirty places, ongoing stomach problems and different customs (like lighting a fire right next to the street in order to keep mosquitos- and bad spririts- out . What was most impressing to me is the amazing way in which people find creative -though not always longlasting- solutions for pretty much anything, from the crazy electricity nets hanging just centimeters over one´s head because it got too heavy, from changing business models of a shop depending on the day time (during day time a travel agency, a clothes shop at night) to the many ways in which a hat can be build. In general I felt a fast-developing atmosphere with many young managers, and a well-connected net of connections between people. I enjoyed people saying: “I can´t help you but wait 5 minutes and I get a friend here who surely has what you need…” .

What I missed in this time was good electronical music and -surprise, surprise! food like cheese and bread and not-already-melted chocolate. So somehow we felt ready to leave the asian fields and change it for Australia and New Zealand. Spending just 3 days in Sydney after our stay in Thailand, we would like to share our experiences on what to do in there in just a couple of days.

First, if you are not totally desperate to make party with 20-year-olds avoid the hostel Summerhouse Backpackers. In order to not end up in the streets shortly before christmas we made the mistake to rely on a prebooking and ended up in a messy, impolite crowd of girls and boys finding it funny to flood the bathrooms or distribute a torn newspaper in the whole hostel. Anyway, this made us spending most of the time outside in the beautiful surroundings of King´s Cross and competely sober by the way because it was so difficult to find a store selling alcohol. It is very interesting how drug regulations differ from country to country and now we changed an environment where marihuana cosumption is treated with death penalty to lands where alcohol consuption seams to be treated nearly similar. Without showing the passports (not ID or driving licence!) of EVERYbody you are with, you cannot buy alcohol… even with 30! Besides there are (too) many alcohol bans for parts of the city or also beaches what I just don´t understand but hey! you can smell marihuana everywhere again. Okay, let´s come to the things you definetely shouldn´t miss in Sydney.

Our first encouter that was totally astonishing is the botanical garden where you can enter for free. It shows a breathtaking viarity of palms, rhododendron, roses, bushes, old trees and also birds- I never saw a more beautiful garden before. We spend hours there just walking around and watch the Harbor bridge like a queen throning over the city or also the Opra House. Also there, I evolved my new hobby what is: Bird watching! We saw aras, paradise birds, other parrots and many differnt species it was sooo cool. Right in the middle of an urban structure you see even big birds passing you by just some meters away, this is an awesome feeling!

Aditionally, the fancy Opera house and the Harbor bridge are a must-see, it is simply beautiful and spreads a sophisticated atmoshere because of its unique architecture I think. Enter the view point in the middle of the bridge and enjoy the high stairway. Walking around this area, you find every shop you look for as the city centre is a large melting pot of malls, boutiques and technology stores or follow the water and find nice restaurants and bars with swimming pools and cool partys at night.

Bondi beach was also very recommending to visit.It has a nice walk along the cost and here, besides the beautiful beach, it is cool to watch the locals do what they just do on a saturday morning- running, taking the dog for a walk in jogging pants and hoodie, meeting up for a coffee with the best friend… I liked the relaxing atmosphere here and we walked a lot that day. There is also a small market on sundays where you can buy nice local things for a lot of money- or just take away a coffee and watch very handsome and talented surfers if you wish to :op


For dinning, we ended up at Domino´s.On the one side because it´s a cheap alternative to all the pricey restaurants and on the other side because we missed eating pizza in Asia:o) after that we were so satisfied and were absolutely looking forward to our next destiny New Zealand where we stay 2 months and also plan to work.

Hopefully, you didn´t find it disappointing to find nothing but the very touristy places here but in such a short time we had to stick to the obvious places and attractions.

In our next post, we will tell you about the best places to see in the South Island of New Zealand, so thaks for keeping in touch!