How much does it cost to travel in Japan?

And again i have to admitt that i could have done better, in fact i did saved some money on accommodation and at some point on food as we were working for three weeks. But there was still this problem with having to much party and Japan is really expensive 🙂 In total i spend 1361,6€ ( plus 250€ JR Pass and about 120€ sending two parcels to Germany and Mexico). Daily average: 36,8€ (whitout JR Pass and parcels).

Accommodation: This time we slept only in bunkbeds for two weeks. As we didnt book anything in advance we might payed more than others. So here the first advise: In Japan you have to book at least two months in advance! The last three weeks we got free accommodation as we worked for two workaways.


Transportation: In Germany we bought the JR Pass for 7 days (250 €).This pass does not cover all train connections.Trains, buses and the subway are very expensive! We took only once a cab (600¥) as we couldnt find the way back “home” after a halloween party. We rented some bicycles or got them for free. Mostly we walked and once we took a Highwaybus from Shizouka to Kyoto (46€). If you look for traintickets the number one website is “Hyperdia”.

Food: cooking, cooking, cooking. And if we did not cook we were surounding the foodarea at the supermarkets like hungry animals. At about 7 pm they drop the prices for take away food up to the half price. An when this moment comes everybody (even japanese) just run for it. Surviving of the fittest, would Darwin say.
Of course we also did go out for dinner,mostly we ate Sushi, but we rarely paid more than 1000¥ for a meal.The category Shopping covers mostly food, water, sweets and sometimes even liquids (beer, sake)!

Nightlife: covers drinks, entrance fee to club, entrance fee to a karaokebar and cigarettes.

Extras: This time i did buy some souvenirs (kimono and obi 6000¥, tea, pottery ect.) for my boyfriend, my parents and myself. I send a package of sake to mexico (2360 ¥) and one parcel to my parents to germany (11500¥, 8kg not mentioned in cost overview).

Sightseeing: Tokio,Nikko,Hakodate,Toyako,Kamakura,Kawaguchiko,Shizouka,Kyoto and Osaka. Many temples and buildings are free of charge.
Thx Adelia

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