Eat, pray and love in Ubud




Ubud, this was the most recommended place in Bali. We were told by almost everybody that we should go there. And we did 🙂 We even thought: Why not taking a really nice ( but still affordable) hotel with swimmingpool… Why dont just have a really good time with the boys ( parviz, max and olli) at the end of their trip, my would still go one for a while 🙂
Ignas Bungalows was a great value for money, central ( just a few minutes to the palace and the monkey forest) and close to our favourite places like the cp lounge…or lets say it was only cp lounge cause we ended up there every evening…lets say by accident. We were always searching for, you know, museums and art gallerys or even some cultural stuff…but anyhow we lost our way …and there she was: cp lounge. But lets start from the beginning!

Get out your bucketlist, the first thing to do is visit the sacred monkey forest. Monkey forest road, thats were you find the monkey forest, obviously 🙂 once you get in you find yourself in the jungle. Surounded by extremly curious monkeys who just want your stuff, no matter what it is or even if they need it.
In the unlikely case not beeing attractiv (enough) for the monkeys you can buy bananas, rise up your banana and belive me it will take seconds till one of these monkeys sits on your shoulder. Because of love…!

Continue with the bucketlist by visiting one, two or all temples in and around Ubud. We booked a tour and our driver ( former english teacher) was the cutest guy we could get. We visited Goa Gajah and had a spiritual bath at the Tirta Empul Temple. For that you need to bring or at least to rent a sarong before entering the holy water. Balinese Hindus go there for a ritual purification which consists of a performance at each fountain. And there are many of them. They have all different meanings such as health, luck… . But be careful some fountains are for the death! Get yourself information before getting in.

The tour included also a brief stop at the Tegalalang rice terrace. Hearing “rice terrace” would cause goosebumps on my travelmates skin. Cause the day before i convinced Olli, Parviz and Max to go on a hike (recommended by a very popular guidebook) to see a rice terrace. It will take only two, maybe three hours i said. Starting highly motivated in the morning, we came back ….many,seriously too many hours, later. We were broken, like chopsticks. Exhausted. What happend to us? Where have we been? I still have no clue where we have been on that particular day. But there were no rice tarrace even close tu us. We must have got lost at some point. After many hours of hiking, taking twice a taxi to the rice fields (seriously, we took a cab there …how could we missed it?) we see: A stable, dirty trail, and it is so smelly. You smell pigs and you see pigs, small ones and huges ones. So thats the point you realize something went terribly wrong. We did end up at a backyard of a farmer which was holding pigs. Through this backyard and many others we kept walking, still with some hope in us, but however we came out at a 5 star hotel. Right next to this incredible infinity pool. Such lovely people this balinese, they didnt kicked us out, we must have looked like homeless people after so many hours of hiking. And still they let us enjoy the view.After we found the exit of this huge resort wo took a cab back home and went straight to cp lounge to get many bintangs.

Ok back to the tour. Rice terrace ckeck! On the way back our driver offered us a free tour to a Luwak coffee farm. As it was raining we accepted this offer with not much expectation to it. But what a great surprise: it was a really lovely tour and for free due to government support to this project. We got explained all about luwak coffee and were guided around. We had the chance to try small pots of all kind of coffee and tea ( red rice,black beans, ginger, ginseng, safran tea) this farm was offering,for free of course (even luwak coffee). Afterwards you have the chance to drink your own luwak coffee (50 t rupia for a cup) and buy something in the shop (apparently this farm found its best customer in oliver). So the whole day trip you can get for 150 t rupiah per person.
Last bucketlist check was watching a traditional dance at a temple. We’ve choosen the saraswati temple (80t rupiah) . Its a really nice location. And even we did not understand the whole story it still was a nice experience to make.

Back to cp lounge, this is a great place to stay. You can get live music, play billiard, just hang out in the huge garden and when the time is right you can go and dance in its own club. Thats why we felt attracted by this place. Onother good spot to hang out at night is ” laughing buddah”.
So there a many things to do in Ubud and i bet you can stay forever and you would keep discovering it 🙂 Thanks to Olli, Parviz and Max. I really had a great time with you guys and sorry for forcing you to go on this horrible hike! Next time we’ll find the rice terrace, for sure!



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