Inside Indonesia

This is a list of our  discoveries based on our personal experience. Maybe there is also something in for your next trip?!

AirBnB Seminyak beach house
13 euro a night/person by occupation of 4 (there is space for 5) just have a look on the website you wont be disappointed.

Get a private driver and go to Uluwatu temple, Jimbaran and Padang padang beach. We paid for an entire day 500t rupiah.

Do not spend 1,5 Million rupiah for a dinner at Jimbaran beach. Yes the sunset is great, but you get better seafood everywhere else.

Kuta, Lombok
Surfers Inn, located directly in front of the beach, has a swimming pool and friendly staff. You pay 250t rupiah for a double room. Breakfast is included. They also rent motorbikes for 50t rupiah a day and organize tours. We paid 150 t/person rupiah for a daytrip to the waterfalls ( entrance fee is not included +65 t rupiah) and a dropoff at the harbour with boat tickets to Gili Air.
There are several warungs around the corner where you find good and cheap food. My favourite: try a tom yum soup for 35 t rupiah.


The nice garden of Surfers Inn with its little cottages.

Gili Air
Inas Homestay was a great place we found by accident. The rooms appear to be for a honeymoon, with huge bathrooms and we had there by far the best breakfast in Indonesia (ink). It is run by a cute elderly woman. She also rents bikes for 60t rupiah ( you can find some for 50 t, but this ones are new). Rooms are available for 350t rupiah.

Sunset at ” the exile” bar/restaurant is a must-do. You ve got the famous Gili Air swing right in front of the bar. Drinks are not cheap but you will be paid off by the view.


Gili Trawangan
The nightmarket was the best. You get delicous and local  food for a few thousand rupiah. My favourite: dragonfruitjuice mixed with limejuice only 15t rupiah.

If you re travelling with a group you don´t need to join a snorkelingtour. Why dont you just rent the entire glasbottomboat for a few hours? We paid just 600 t rupiah for the whole boat, snorkeling equipment and a guide who helped us watching out for the turtels ( low season)

You want to go to Ubud? Try to get a cheap ticket with Sintex- boat. We paid 165 t rupiah per person. This price includes the fastboatticket and a bemo from padang bay to ubud.

We stayed at Ignas bungalows (450 t rupiah) and the room was huge, washroom aswell. Breakfast is served to your room and the pool is great as it gets very hot sometimes.

Our favourite restaurant: biah biah, food is like indonesian tapas served in bananaleafs. You ll just order plane rice (5t ) and add the indonesian tapas as you like (7-13t). Wine is also very cheap, 32 t for a glas of rose.


A real homestay: Danis Homestay, its unbelievable cheap: 150t a night with shared bathroom. And you really see the family which is always so friendly and helpful. Before entering your own room you´ll pass the patio of the family which is used as an outdoor livingroom. You easily get in touch with this family. It has also a great location, you can walk within 15 min to the beach (old man’s)

Dandelion, is by far the best restaurant in town. It hast a garden where you will find rabbits all over the gras. The staff is very friendly and attentive, and even if you dont care about rabbits the food is worth it. Its not as expensive as it might be at first sight.

Restaurant PHO offers delicous vietnamese food. Ask for Hot Ginger (not for ginger tea!!!) and you get  a spicy ginger tea.


Kisses n Hugs Adelia

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