North Lombok & Gili Islands: deep spirituality meets (german) tourism

Our next stop leads us up north.

Spontaneously organizing taxis, flights and hotels is very comfortable here so we could make plans just the night before going to the new destination. As recommended by many travellers we combined our transfer to the Gilis with the visit of the waterfalls in the northeast of Lombok. And, surprise! – another holiday!! so passing by the little villages we were welcomed by a cow-slaughtering ritual right in the streets. Entering the waterfalls, it was very crowded and many Indonesian people headed towards the water. Especially for the children it was a funny refreshing destination to spend the holiday.


Many people were visiting the waterfalls.

Not too many women were joining the wet pleasure actually, some were just chilling in the shadows wearing a Burka. I felt a little stared walking around and experiencing this ceremony as it was obvious that we didn´t participate it properly. Also many old and injured people climbed the terrasses as a symbol of religious purification and sacrafice- and us just in the middle of everything was still very interessing and funny!
6 hours after leaving Kuta, we headed towards Gili Air by Public boat. The Gilis are 3 little islands that are famous for its chilly, decelerating atmosphere and beautiful snorkeling and diving spots. There are no cars or scooters driving in the streets, instead carriages are offered to simplify a travellers way towards the unknown new territory. We ended up in the just opened Ina’s Homestay what is mostly women-led and where the breakfast is the best I had so far! Nia, the operator was so helpful and fullfilled every dream we mentioned.

Discovering the island by bike we were awaited by many delicious restaurants and beach bars- most of them just opened and flooded by: tadaaa GERMANS! Seems like currently, the islands are mentioned as THE place to be in German travel literature, so I found it a little ashaming to join this big touristic wave and we called the Gilis secretly the new Mallorca. Anyway, it was really relaxing and we again met many nice friends and spend some calm evenings at Gili Air.

The sunset at the northwest break was so beautiful, many people come here to enjoy the beautiful view with a mushroom shake. Even though drug consumption is punished very intensively in Indonesia, at the Gilis there is no police and the atmosphere is quite liberal.

Arriving in the “german Hochburg” Gili Trawangan the next day, we immediately felt an underlying party atmosphere here (no surprise, hmm?) so we couldn’t wait to get some Bintang, the local beer, but first we tried the best indonesian food at a food market near the port. By now, everybody of us already had indigestions (guess how I know?- Because it is a fixed part of our daily smalltalk by now:o)) but the food was worth it this time! All kinds of local fish, noodles, Tempur (a kind of Tofu), chicken, lemongrass salsas, peanut sauces, very hot sambals- the opportunities are unlimted here and everybody is sitting together at long tables and enjoying dinner. After that we found some nice party at a beach and ended up singing Bob Marley songs in the streets at 4 am.

The next morning was hard but we had a very nice motivation: a snorkeling trip. Here, the pictures speak for themselves so please enjoy the impressions!

At this point I also want to say hello to Anne, Nadine and Dominik who joined part of our journey and gave us great recommendations for ur futher trip! Thanks for that, I hope its okay that I used some common pictures here:o)

Thanks also for asking about my leg- it is so much better now and I can move it very good again so in our next entry we tell you about the visit of Borneo where I saw Orang utans in their origin environment and we will climb up the Bromo, a  2329 m high active vulcano at Java.

Stay inspired by our journey!


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