Bali: Colorful salutation at our world trip


The Uluwatu temple as from the entrance view


Three little monkeys pitch by her doorstep


A tourist taking pictures at Jimbaran beach


Colorful accessories at Seminyak Beach

Hellou there! It´s us from Bali! Have you ever wondered what it feels like to grab your most important things and leave the home country for one year? Well, let me tell you what the first days felt like for me.

Saying goodbye to the closest family and friends felt very sad and above all so final! All my to-do lists and preparations were fullfilled until the final day in Germany and with all the hooks set behind the tasks I also felt like leaving my most important treasures behind- the people I love!
But I pulled my vegetarian heart together and decided to think in the salami-tactic: step by step, week by week!

So after flying approx. 18 hours we were warmly welcomed at Denpasar-airport by 2 friends that are going to join us in our first weeks and also by the very humid and hot climate. Even at 10:30 pm we were sweating like hell carring the backpack for the first time more than 2 minutes- 15 kg that should feel like my closest companion at that moment felt like a heavy huge burden sitting at my neck… will I ever get used to that, I asked myself?
Anyway, luckily we booked the first 3 nights with Airbnb before reaching Bali so after 45 minutes we arrived in our new “home” in Seminyak, a district of Kuta. Our little house is right next to the beach and it immediately gave us lots of space to imagine the way it was designed because it so strongly reminded us of a previous bar! Now after some days at Bali, the first impression prooved to be right: here, resources mainly seem to be used as long and wide-ranging as possible, around every corner you see something being re- or upcycled and our first hotel is a very good example for that!

We spend a day at Seminayak beach relaxing, drinking delicous fresh juice and watching the waves. The beach is characterized by a very colorful ensemble of sunshades and bars and was not crowded at all- the best spot to jump into the steady, calm waves that energized our bodies after the long flights.

Also, we visited the temple Uluwatu in the south. As the traffic in Bali is pretty busy it took us about 1 1/2 hours to go there… lots of time to talk to the taxi driver about balinese specialties! He was very interessted in our backround and after a short smalltalk about german football he told us for example that the name of a balinese man or woman says very much about the order in which he and his other brothers were born: the first-born is often called Wayan, the second one is Made, third is Komang and forth is Ketut. What a funny tradition, this made me so curious about all the other cultural odds and ends we`ll get to know at our trip. Let´s see how much “Wayans” we´ll meet during our stay!
The temple was beautiful with huge garden-like sites with a beautiful view over the seaside. We enjoyed the sunset in Jimbaran and saw the first bigger waves- two of of us got some smaller injuries after taking a bath here and that was not even huge waves for the local circumstances! I´m so excited about seeing the further beaches here!
That´s why today we went to Lombok, an insle in the east of Bali to explore some more relaxed places and improve our surfing skills! Here, the majority of the people is muslim whereas Bali is deeply influenced by Hinduism-this cultural melting pot is also explaining maybe why the people here are mainly open towards other cultures and very interested in a good funny story from you.

So far we had very much fun and luck spending our time abroad, we are very excited about the next days!
Thanks for reading and hear you soon!